Saturday, May 23, 2009

Second breakfasts and terrible runs

Today was my worst run, ever. It started with me being out-of-breath allready during the 2-minute warmup. The session continued with many 2-minute run intervals. With such short runtimes I figured I should try to run faster.
However, during the run I was slown down by an ever increasing pain on the insides of my shins. Later this was followed by kramped sensations in my posterior shin and calf.

At least this time my front shin was ok.

To add to the feast, I got a surprise second breakfast. It was a hot day today and there were flies all over the place. This usually makes me practice on my breathing, nose-in, mouth-out. No way for a fly to disturb the fun. Today however, one of the bastards flew right into my nose, straight down my throat. It refused to add to my proteine storage but stayed right there in my throat. It made me gag and I nearly threw up. After that I kept the feeling the bugger was having a party in my throat. And running through the clouds of flies got a new dimension. Where are spiders when you need them?

To give myself a bit of extra motivation today, I changed my route. I decided to see how far I could get running in a straight line. I was near the beach town of Scheveningen when I was at the middle of my trainging session.

Knowing the Scheveningen beach is exactly 5k from my starting point I figured I would be very near the 4k when I would finish.

So, after all the hardship you can imagine I was slightly dissapointed when I saw today's stats:

But I'm glad I've survived ;-)


  1. Apparently, flies are supposed to be very healthy as food ;-) But, they are SO BL..DY annoying when they fly up the nose and refuse to die. Having a fly in the eye is painful as well, so be sure to wear sunnies during your summer runs.

    Great work changing your route. It is a good way to boost motivation.

  2. Take care dude! We all have these "off days". I assume it wasn't fun for the fly too. The pic is very nice though. Orange is like red so damn difficult to shoot.