Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'll get you next time gadget!

Having started with a slooow morning, it was time to get active and go out for a run. First I loaded a new podcast to my ipod and I checked the nike+ website again. And this time I could even register. All gadgets were a go and there was nothing to hold me back now! Though there was a lot of wind, I barely noticed when I got to the forest. I quickly loaded Evy's podcast and started out for a minute warm up run. After that a one minute walk followed by a two minute run. As I was just getting into the rhythm I noticed I did not start the podcast from the nike+ menu from the ipod.

Though a plus side of starting over was to have more Evy, I did not feel like breaking the pace. So no stats this time unfortunately.
I'll get you next time gadget!

1 comment:

  1. Go Go Gadget, Running Stats Collecting Gadget!

    Good call on continuing the run. Breaking the pace is hard work.

    Running in the forest is great! It will shield you from most of the elements.