Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chilly, chili, chill

Today's walk was hard. First of all, it was not the best weather. It was rather chilly, windy and started getting rainy as well. But I went anyway.
The weather seemed not to be that tough when I was running. Breathing was fine today, it seems I have built up a bit of fitness already. However, the run was the hardest one yet and I have doubts if it was wise to go on a run today.

Reason is my legs were just in pain and keeping me at a slow pace. I had felt it last few days. Knees and tendons and muscles in the ankle and shin region. My legs felt heavy, slow and tired. But I completed the exercise anyway, I took it slow though. Here are my stats for today's run:

While I have not spotted any signs of runner high I did have the non-stop munchies since my previouws run. Until yesterday actually.
My yesterday munchies drove me to the supermarket, but it was closed due to WWII rememberance. So I had to be creative with the food I had left. Some meat, vegetables and stuff in tin cans. I decided to make some Chili using:

- 2 spoons of olive oil
- 2 onions
- 3 toes of garlic
- 250 grams of low-fat minced meat
- a bit of salt
- a bit of black pepper
- some chili powder
- 1 can of tomatopaste
- 1 green pepper
- 1/2 gourgette
- 1/2 aubergine
- 1 can of kidney beans
- 1 can of peeled tomatoes
- quite some drops of tabasco

I added all these ingredients to the pan in the above order. Just chopped it all up and threw it in the pan, it barely fitted. So I had to leave out some mushrooms. The vegetables don't need to be cooked very long, but you can let it sit on a small fire a bit to blend the tastes. It turned out to be an absolute hunger killer, and it's got all a body needs if you combine it with a glass of milk.

So after my chilly run and my plate of chili it is time to chill out and do some reading in my Ruby Gems book!

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  1. Wise call on taking it slow. The main thing in running is to listen to your body.

    You will notice that the weather is worst when you walk out the door. As soon as you have done your first K, you won't feel the cold and wind as much. No matter how cold outside, you will never need more than 3 very thin layers.

    Excellent stats!