Friday, May 8, 2009

A small world

Today I reached a landmark.

It had been raining quite hard for some time and there was many wind. So when it stopped raining I went out for a run in a fleece. While I was running the sun came back and it was getting pretty hot. Adding to the sweat, today's training consisted of one warmup session of 2 minutes and three 3 minute sessions.

Each time I run, I either go for a clockwise or counter clockwise run around the forest. When it gets boring I take some track into the woods and after that it becomes a random route.
Today however I decided to try and run around the forest completely. I knew when I was halfway when I saw a lighthouse, a landmark of a hotspot for tourists in the Netherlands. I reached Madurodam, which is like a small attraction featuring miniatures of the most famous buildings and places in my country.

This made me aware of how far I ran allready. It was also exactly at the backside of the park, meaning I was half way. The way back went more quickly because it consisted of longer running sessions.

So here are the stats, I have added a half kilometer. Next run will have at least one 4 and one 5 minute session so I think that the 4K will be conquered soon!


  1. Excellent run! You will definitely reach the 4 K soon.
    The route sounds pretty good. Did you take the pic. while running?

  2. thnx!
    no, I took it a long time ago :-)

  3. Congrats my "colleague"! Keep it up.

    Errrr... I think this Monte Christo fellow has to run some miles with your camera on his back ;)