Monday, May 11, 2009

Growth patterns

Yesterday's visit to the 'keukenhof', the famous Dutch flower gardens, took it's toll on today's run. I've spent most of the day walking and taking pictures of beautiful flowers. It was a great way to practice on my photography and I managed to take a few nearly professional shots. Nature is amazing. Walking around in the keukenhof all day enhanced the pain in my knees and feet that I had since my last training. But it was time for lesson number 7. So I went for a run but it was a torture. The stats say it all:

But there is an upside, it was a bad day for me. So on a bad day I can even run 3K's, thats quite some growth since the running shop. Even though I love Evy's podcast, I do need some more info on this whole running thing. For example, how to avoid injuries. So I 'decided' to order some books. For me it allready is not much of a decision as it's more some obsessive-compulsive disorder. This time my book-shopping spree limited itself to one running book and one ruby book. Since Evy is cool I decided to just buy her 'start to run' book and in that way give her some of the kudo's she (and not the record companies) deserves.

My ruby book was 'learn to program 2nd edition'. I checked out the online version and understood all code examples directly. It seems I have progressed a bit in my ruby coding as well. Though this book is for the real beginners, there is always something new to learn from a good resource. I like the small size of the book and the quality of the pragmatic programmer series. They have a clear, direct and down-to-earth approach to explain stuff. So it seemed to be one of the good recourses, and the price of that book just made it easy to put in the basket!


  1. Great job buying Evy's book! I am very curious about it. Tough runs are part of running. They will get to feel good before long ;-)