Thursday, May 14, 2009


Always occupying the runners' space with their hordes of beasts. Today they were in their numbers and their beasts were all over the place. You know them, I call them dogwalkers. People who walk their dogs, preferably unleashed, big and overactive. There's usually a few dogwalkers in the forest which is fine as long as they stay out of my way. But today I've ran into the king of the dogwalkers. As I was running I started noticing big drewling dogs poping up all over the place. I kept seeing more and more of these unleashed beasts pop-up and going a direction which was worringly same as mine. It was a while until I saw the smoking dogwalker who commanded the herd. Lucky for me I was just in my walking session, so the dogs were less interrested in active pursuit.
I had many short, one minute walking sessions mixed with 2 minute run sessions. It was a bit different, usually there is more recovery time. But I did not really need much of that and found the different schedule to allow me to speed a bit up.

Overall I'm quite happy with today's stats, 8th run, almost near 4K, the fastest pace and longest runs I made yet. My nike+ told me I've passed the first 15K! So I accepted the 25K challenge, I have no idea what that means but I guess it's nice to hear when I passed 25k.

Thanks for the comments on the photo in my previous post, I'll post some more soon!

Now, off to read a bit in my start to run book which has just landed in my mailbox :)

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  1. Dogwalkers are the Worst. I hate them. The dogs are not always so bad, it's the owners of the dogs that do not know how to control them.

    Great run!