Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not exactly four

Getting myself to go on a run was a challenge today. Yesterday was a busy day that ended with spicy thai food and some beers. It ended somewhere around 04:00, because I just missed the last train back home and had to wait a full hour until the night train. And offcourse do the necessary traveling before reaching the comfort of my bed.

Anyway, the serious dehydration and lack of sleep might explain the lack of progress in today's run. Which is a waste because I took some extra resting days so I would be fit and could break the 4k barrier.

Today's run intervals lasted 3 minutes each, a bit shorter than last run. So I figured I could speed up a bit and get the 4k with some nice speed digits. It felt I ran faster then usual but my Nike+ stats tell a different story...

Actually, the stats don't tell that much unfortunately. I like the Nike+ but the graphs are really limited. The data is there, so I don't really get why the graphs are so limited. I guess I need to go and see if I can access that data and do some graphing myself!


  1. Great run. Not too good about the trip though. Though the night sounded excellent. I can only assume that the company was good.

    I am more than interested in hearing what you accomplish with the Nike+ data. The XML is there indeed all it needs is a good interface.

  2. Btw Great pic.