Monday, June 1, 2009

Review: Learn to program 2nd edition

As I'm taking a brake from running to prevent shin injuries. So I had time to finish reading my latest book, 'Learn to program 2nd edition'. Well I've finished it and thought I'd share my feelings about it in a review, so here it is:

The best book out there if you want to learn programming. If you have a little experience but are unsure, you will like this book too.

The book is also suited as a lightweight introduction to Ruby. But if you have a decent amount of experience in another programming language and want to learn Ruby, or if you want to dive in directly, consider a book like Programming Ruby or the Ruby Way.

The book is very readable and funny. You'll understand most things without too much effort because of the way the author explains things clearly.

The book contains fun exercises such as the 'angry boss' or 'deaf grandma' exercises.

The only minor points were that the exercises were mostly not very practical for real life situations. The last few chapters were not as clear in explaining things as most of the book.

This book offers great value for money and is well worth your time, adding to that it's not a big book and very reasonably priced. Definitely worth it.

Since the second edition is really just from the press, there are no other reviews. So you'll just have to do with mine (I'm a critic so don't worry!):


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  1. Great review. Thanks for sharing.

    Take it easy on the shins