Saturday, June 13, 2009

Muddy horsetracks

The periodical rains of last week kept me from running. Not because of the rain itself, but because of the mudpools it would leave behind. Rain meant I would not be able to run on the horse tracks but only on pavements. Since I want to take it easy on the shins I just waited for better weather. When it turned out to be a bright sunny day yesterday I prepared to go on a run. This time I wore some new gear: shorts and an armband for my iPod.

I'm not really a shorts man but it was definately better then the usual jogging pants I wear. It has a small pocket on the lower back for keys or some change. Quite nice since that part does not move as much while running and I will not be bothered by moving coins or keys.

In addition I put on my new Griffin Aerosport Armband for my iPod. At first I was unpleasantly surprised when it looked like it could not accomodate for the nike+ receiver. But it actually does and its pretty comfortable. I especially like the cable clip.

Being all dressed up, I went on a run, on the horse tracks like I planned. But most of the tracks were still wet and there were huge mudpools. So I was jumping, snake-running, and some times running of the track in order to keep going. It got pretty messy!

The run intervals were at 6 minutes, but like usual, the first one was the toughest. I did the horse tracks two times in one session now and I think I need to start looking for another route. I'm eying another park wich is a bit out of my way but will possibly offer more long unpaved tracks. I'm not sure if it is nice since it looks like it has a big road running right through the middle of it. It's pretty lame that we can't even have a designated piece of forest without roads and pavements and such.

After my run I spent quite some time stretching. I also had a highly unconfortable shower with some hot/cold water therapy. I really hate that cold water it but I think it does really help. I think it really helped since I'm feeling quite recovered today. Or maybe it was the delicious spaghetti after the run :-)

Anyway, here are yesterday's stats:

I like to think that, were I not hindered by the mud, I would have got that 300 meters extra and got my first 5K!


  1. Cool. Did you now you did a part of the The hague Royal 10?

  2. No, I still ran in the piece of forest next to the City-pier-City (I think?) route.

    But I think of changing to the forest on the picture. Did the Royal 10 go through that forest? How was it?

  3. Great call on running off the paved road. How is the ice pack treatment? That should be more comfortable than cold/hot water treatments.